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Anthem For Doomed Youth (2011)

by Carola Dunn(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
0312387768 (ISBN13: 9780312387761)
St. Martin's Press
Daisy Dalrymple
review 1: Daisy is a good friend, and visits with her are always fun. I'm not sure I like the addition of her twins, but so far they are not encroaching on the plot action too much so I'm okay with them as new characters. This was an interesting mystery and I enjoyed it, but I'm not exactly on board with the ending/solution. It wraps everything up neatly, but maybe some characters have escaped justice. It was an interesting read, coming in my reading, soon after And Then There Were None, so the idea of escaping justice was on my mind. But it was a fun, quick read, and I'm anxious to visit with Daisy again soon.
review 2: The 19th book in the Daisy Dalrymple series. I liked it very much. Unlike the earlier ones she is not so much working with her husband to solve a m
... moreurder as the two of them are dealing with two different crimes. Since much of the plots in both cases involve stories from World War I the mood is more serious than some of the previous books. Fewer amusing characters. The solution in one case not so much who but why. Good story. less
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Interesting addition as this is more DCI Fletchers' case rather than Daisy
Another fun Daisy Dalrymple installment.
A great addition to the series.
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