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The Year We Were Famous (2011)

by Carole Estby Dagg(Favorite Author)
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0618999833 (ISBN13: 9780618999835)
Clarion Books
review 1: I definitely liked Carole Estby Dagg's The Year We Were Famous. This is historical fiction based on a true story, a true family story. It is fiction; liberties have been taken. Liberties that work in favor of a not-so-bleak ending. Clara Estby is the heroine of The Year We Were Famous. She is the oldest daughter; she is seventeen. The family farm is in big, big trouble. Her mother, Helga, who suffers--and suffers understandably--from depression, works with her daughter to brainstorm a way to "save" the farm. Her daughter's careless comment about wanting to travel the world and be a journalist sparks an idea that can't be swept aside. Helga is determined to find sponsors, wealthy sponsors who want to test what women are capable of. She wants to make a deal. She and her daug... morehter will walk across country, over three thousand miles, starting with no more than $5, if they reach New York City by the deadline, they will receive $10,000--more than enough to keep the farm. This is where the details are a bit fuzzy in reality because the journals and such were purposefully destroyed by the family. No one is sure *who* the sponsor was, if there even was a sponsor, the intentions of the sponsor, etc. For over seven months May through December, these two women are on their own and on an adventure of sorts. It is dangerous and exhausting and overwhelming and a once in a lifetime opportunity. They meet new people almost every single day. They are sharing their stories with various newspapers across the country. They are speaking at suffragette events across the country. They are challenging themselves day and night...I liked this one. It is set in 1896. I appreciated the fact that the author was inspired by her family history.
review 2: This was a fine book, it was amazing or show stopping but it was entertaining.The plot was interesting and kept me reading. It was carried out nicely even though at times it felt dry. The character development was very good. At first Clara is very lost and angry almost. Her mother is very self centered and doesn't stop to think about her daughter. You see them grow and untangle the knots of their feelings in a nice quiet way.I felt the writing fit the style of this book: plain and simple. Their was no flowery prose or breathtaking descriptions. But those would not have been appropriate in such a book. The whole book had a very true and raw feel about it. The author did a good job making it feel real, their was no sugar-coating it. But it wasn't sad, just real.All in all it was enjoyable, but I don't think I would read it again or rant and rave about. It was just an interesting story. less
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I thought that this was a great and inspiring book about women independence and adventure.
clean. not entiresly satisfying. kind of interesting at times.
What a fabulous job of research and a compelling story.
The Writer
I enjoyed it
Easy read.
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