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A Cottage By The Sea (2013)

by Carole Matthews(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
184744461X (ISBN13: 9781847444615)
review 1: This was my first Carole Matthews book and I am so pleased I decided to read it. It was very well written and the characters were really strong and just came to life off the pages. I was gripped right from start to finish with the dramas going on with all six characters, who knew so much could happen in less than a week!! I highly recommend this book and author and I'll definitely read more of the author's work.
review 2: Have to say I was quite disappointed with this one. For a novel that takes place over a one week span, this was one long, boring tale. As for the characters, there was nothing special about any of them. I tried to like Grace but in the end I just couldn't. I mean seriously, she catches her best friend shagging her husband and she's okay with i
... moret? In fact, she feels guilty because she has deep, loving feelings for Noah (the best friend's boyfriend). Sure she's spent a lot of time with him; is attracted to him; and almost kissed him, but she didn't. Instead she tells Noah that she wants to work on her marriage. Meanwhile her husband belittles her, disrespects her and shows no affection of love towards her. She's so blasé about the whole affair that went on under her nose for months. It just didn't come across as realistic. All she tells her friend is to love her husband the best she can. Also that their relationship will be fine in the end. Seriously? In the end, I'd skip this one as there's no excitement to be found anywhere. less
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I really enjoyed this book, it had many surprises and turns! Excellent read
A brilliant summer read, with a fine happy ending!
Breathtaking beautiful story of how life can be!
Brilliant read. Love the characters
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