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I Love This Bar (2010)

by Carolyn Brown(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
1402239262 (ISBN13: 9781402239267)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Honky Tonk
review 1: Daisy and Jarod literally run into each other on the floor of Daisy's Honky Tonk bar in Mingus, Tx. And the sparks fly. Daisy doesn't fraternize with patrons, and Jarod doesn't date bar maids. But will their friends make sure that passion ignites? What a perfect Valentine's Day book. I am not normally a reader of cowboy romances, but after reading another book by the author, I wanted to give it a try. It's got fun characters, a not altogether unpredictable plot, but great details. Brown blends in current country music pop culture with the story. Nice touch. I would say there is high steam but it's light on details of those encounters, which is just the way I like it.Recommend for: Romance fans who are looking for a fun, lite love story with likable characters and... more an interesting chase.
review 2: Really a 2.5 for me. I think I am glutton for punishment because I want to like these books much more than I am but I can't put them down (or close the file in this case) in hopes that something redeeming will happen. I have noticed with this author that continuity seems to be an issue. Are the boots already off or aren't they. It's only a paragraph apart so why isn't that little thing caught. And does every man she has ever met use a fist to move the lady's chin? Not even a gentle index finger or something (If you've read the first six books of the Spikes & Spurs you will be familiar with this action). As for these characters, I was really put off by Jarod in the beginning and his hang up on barmaids - hello 21st century - and at times I didn't think that Daisy helped herself any. I like characters who tell it like it is and aren't going to change themselves for anyone, but she seemed a bit more brash than she needed to be so I wound up being put off by her more than liking her. As I said, I must be glutton because I will read the next one despite my misgivings. less
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Eh, a lot of marriage thrown around for no reason. And there was no real conflict.
Very cute! Made me laugh out load!
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