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Victoria Rebels (2013)

by Carolyn Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 5
1416987290 (ISBN13: 9781416987291)
Paula Wiseman Books
review 1: I enjoyed the story of young Victoria, but I found the writing boring and simplistic. I can't tell if the author did this on purpose (to mimic Victoria's personal diary writing style) or if it is actually the way this author writes. I was able to out the book down with ease, since I was not captivated at all with the writing. I'm going to try one more book by this author, but if the style is the same, that will be the end of it.
review 2: A nice semi-biography of Queen Victoria's youth. I enjoyed this just for a fictional look at how Victoria was isolated and bullied as a child by her mother and her mother's adviser, John Conroy. It's told in first person and in the style of her own diaries. It's a bit juvenile but it will draw you in and give you a feel for
... more the girl who became one of the longest running monarchs in the world. I liked it and think anyone with a passing interest in British history would read it. less
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This was pleasant enough to read, but completely forgetable.
She seemed childish at first, but maturity came soon after.
Basically, Victoria rocked.
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