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The Hitler Dilemma: A Mormon Boy In The German Army (2014)

by Carolyn Twede Frank(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This novel is based on the life of Max Adam, a German, Latter-Day-Saint boy. It tells the story of WWII (World War 2) from the view of a teen living in Germany during this great war. I’ve read many stories of WWII from the American soldier or the Jewish survivor perspective. There are very few that I’ve read from the German viewpoint, and especially one of a teen that didn’t support Hitler. The story is told in such a moving way that you feel such sorrow and angst for Max and his family. His own precious, younger brother was a casualty of the war. This family had to do whatever it took to survive. It was hard to openly fight against the Nazis and stay alive. I agonized along with Max as he was forced to join the Hitler Youth group, and then was sent away from home fo... morer a year to work on a farm for the government. Then to have to serve on the battlefront and end up a prisoner of war really makes this novel heart-wrenching. Knowing from the start that this novel was based on true events made me look at everything differently. Author Carolyn Twede Frank heard about Max Adam from his daughter-in-law. Once hearing about him and his life, she knew she had to write a story about him and the struggles he lived through.This book will give tweens and teens (and adults) a great look at the other side of life during WWII. It will strongly show that not all Germans supported Adolf Hitler and what he was doing to the Jews and those who did not perfectly fit into his Master Race.I know that any reader will go away with a new sense of being less judgmental until you’ve heard the other side. It should also make people more thankful for the blessings and freedoms that we have in our country. I read and reviewed Carolyn’s other books, Promises, and The Big Debate and I really liked them. This new book shows how she has continually grown in her writing.The Hitler Dilemma is a crowning jewel for Carolyn!
review 2: Just finished this very satisfying book. Such an interesting look into the life of a young boy who shares my belief system as he struggled to reconcile his sense of morality with his belief in being subject to rulers and sustaining the law. I'm grateful for the miracles put in his path that allowed him to do his duty, and protect the innocents of war without destroying his spirit. I'm grateful for answers to prayers, especially when life is at its darkest, and we can't even comprehend; prayers that give us peace when we see no other signs of God. . When my son left for school and had only eaten half of his breakfast, I thought, "We're so blessed to have more than just this meal in our day." Thanks for writing stories that remind us of God's hand in our lives. A very easy read with lots of dialogue. Teenagers would enjoy this as they too contemplate their path. less
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The Hitler Dilemma is expertly written. I highly recommend it. The imagery is brilliant.
This book was very inspiring. I really enjoyed it and is an amazing historical fiction!
it was very interesting. gave me a new outlook on the war, one that i haven't yet read
A great, satisfying story of a German in WWII. It had me turning the pages!
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