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A Father In The Making (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Hearts Of Hartley Creek - Book 3) (2014)

by Carolyne Aarsen(Favorite Author)
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Mills & Boon Love Inspired
review 1: A Father In The Making is one of The Hearts Of Hartley Creek Series. A very good book. Mia runs a flower shop and lives above it. He had a six year old boy and a four year old boy. Also twin six month old girls. While Mia is at the book store with the twins picking up books she ordered, her place of business and where she lives is on fire. Her boys and the babysitter are still in the apartment. A fire fighter arrives and a friend of someone she knows also shows up. Both guys go into the burning building. Nate is from out of town. Only there for a few weeks. The four year old is hiding in the closet. Nate carries him out. After that trauma the boy doesn't talk. Mia and Toby both have bad history in their past. They are drawn to each other. Don't want to be hu... morert again. Mia and Toby both work at getting the four year old to talk. The boy goes to Toby very easy. When the boy thinks Toby is going to leave he runs after him and talks. Tells Toby not to leave. Very touching story. Need to read it to know all that goes on. Very good.
review 2: “A Father in the Making” by Carolyne Aarsen is the third book in her 'Hearts of Hartley Creek' and what a sweet story it was. Finally Mia is found her love which I had been hoping for since I first meet her in “A Father's Promise”.I found the story of Mia and Nate to be unbelievably stressful and so sweet at the same time. It is the stress that created the uncertainty for how things were going to work out throughout the story. There seemed to be so much stress going on, for there is an accident, a fire, a troubled child, insecurities due to the past, and all around the dance of “boy and girl who is interested but can't believe that the other might like them”. I found myself laughing at the dance, crying with all that was happening, and groaning when frankly stubbornness was really showing its ugly head.I found that the priorities of putting a child's welfare ahead of anything including personal feelings to be so worthy of those who did it. The characters that put a child's welfare above all else had valid reasons for not wanting too, and would have been understandable if they choose not do so, but by doing so it showed what the characters were truly made of.I have to say that I was surprised that the message of the book was not about forgiveness about the wrongs that were done in the past but instead the message was about forgetting the former things and not dwelling in the past. Wow what a difference for it is something that we all need to remember for our past sometimes haunts us to where it affects the future. Our past does help form us into the people we are in the present and who we will be in the future, but it shouldn't stop us from enjoying life. Sadly I was a little troubled with the time-line for it seems as if there was so much happening over about a two week period. I don't know but it seemed like to me that there was so much more going on in that very limited time. So this is my one and only peeve with the book.I really hope that all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did. less
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Delightful story about learning to trust and mending broken hearts. Well done!
Miniseries: Hearts of Hartley Creek
Miniseries: Hearts of Hartley Creek
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