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The Homecoming (2013)

by Carsten Stroud(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
0307700968 (ISBN13: 9780307700964)
review 1: Read the first book in this trilogy, Niceville, after no less than Stephen King had recommended it. It was pretty good, but not perfect, but it did legitimately scare me in a way I hadn't been in years by a book. This one, the second book, is not quite as scary for the most part but is overall really good. What seemed overly busy in Niceville has turned into story threads that twist together nicely in this one. Highly recommend even to those not into horror because it's so much more. The third in this trilogy will go with Justin Cronin's The City of Mirrors as my most anticipated books for the rest of this year.
review 2: This book is very odd. I suppose it is meant to be. It is about a town called Niceville where supernatural happenings occur. This would
... morehave been fine if there was not another non-supernatural storyline occurring at the same time. This other storyline is a bank robbery. Because of these two completely unrelated story lines, the book is very scattered. And when I say unrelated I mean completely and totally unrelated. It is a though two different books fell on the floor and the pages just got stuffed altogether. It could have been a little less wordy with the inconsequential details as well. Within each storyline there were also things that did not make sense. For example, one victim had 15 cats and was said to have a maid come in every 3 days to keep the house from smelling bad. Yet, he still was not found at the end of the book that was said to be 3 weeks after he was tied to his bed. The supernatural storyline was wrapped up much to easily and the non-supernatural storyline ended with a lot of loose ends. What are the bone baskets? What happened to Coker? I understand this is 2 of a trilogy, but a few hints on some of these big questions should be there to leave the reader wanting to read the next rather than feeling cheated. I think if this book had been 2 separate books with better attention to the details I mentioned above and to the endings, it would have been much better because the stories on their own would pretty good and most of the characters were pretty likeable. less
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Not my favorite, but it definitely kept me engaged throughout.
Very confusing. Too many characters and deaths.
A bank robbery and a cop gone bad
Una delusione!!!
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