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The Margrave (2011)

by Catherine Fisher(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
0803736762 (ISBN13: 9780803736764)
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review 1: This is quite the series. The ending explained much about the world and the characters. The only disappointment was that it all seemed to end pretty quickly. It would have been nice to see the Makers come to Anara or Solon to return. There had been so much build-up, that the ending was both disappointing and satisfying at the same time. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the books, and cannot wait to read more of her books.
review 2: Overall, I really enjoyed this series. I had a lot of questions coming into this last book and hoped that they would be answered.Some were answered, but there were still quite a few left. Probably because that's not the purpose of these books, sadly! I would love for the author to maybe have really created a sort of series that starte
... mored at the beginning. Or maybe, at least, give us a prequel book with some more info. The only thing I can't really understand is the "ability" that some of the people on this world seem to have, that others believe is a type of magic. (Maybe, maybe not?) I guess we're left to decide for ourselves.You get the sense that, even though this is a YA novel and written simply but interestingly, the author has a richer, more detailed story to tell. (Or there COULD be one.) But, I guess this is all we get.A quick, entertaining series that I enjoyed. And, enough that I might like to read some of Fisher's other works. (They're great for the in-between heavy Fantasy I read. ^_^) less
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Fun series. Super fast, easy books. The storyline was interesting, but not entirely original.
Very good ending to the series. The twists at the end were very well integrated.
Finally finished the series. Ended pretty much as I expected.
This series I like.
this is a good book
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