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The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group (2011)

by Catherine Jinks(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 2
0152066152 (ISBN13: 9780152066154)
Harcourt Children's Books
review 1: I was somewhat disappointed by this one. I had quite enjoyed "The Reformed Vampire Support Group", and was looking forward to more of the same dry wit. Unfortunately, not only is the "Abused Werewolf..." lacking in a distinct narrative voice (the protagonist sounds like any 15 year old boy), it also lacked in originality of storyline. The basics of the plot had already been covered in "The Reformed Vampire..." and this book didn't seem to cover much new ground. Ostensibly, it's a new plot which takes place after the events of "The Reformed Vampire...". In reality... well, there certainly weren't any surprises. In truth, it felt like a very poor Hollywood sequel to something that had been a nifty first movie.
review 2: Holy crap, this is AWFUL. I think if I was
... moren't listening to it on audiobook it wouldn't be so bad because I could skim all the unnecessary stuff. Almost all of the characters are incredibly stupid (Danny, Sergio, Toby's mom, etc) and it's really hard to sympathize with them, or tolerate their presence in scenes. I'm actually ANGRY at this author for making this stupid book drag out for so long. It's like Catherine Jinx wants to give us all these exciting details about all the "CRAAAAAAZZZY" things that are happening but instead it is just excruciatingly boring. For example, the characters are constantly "at a loss for words" at the exact same time some OTHER character needs to convinced of something. If the silent person would just speak 1 or 2 sentences the whole scene would be over and everyone would understand everything and the plot would move on. But instead, the one person with the info will freeze (be "at a loss for words") and like, 7 other people will have this incredibly long, drawn out fight about whatever needs to be explained. And DURING that fight half THOSE people end up hysterical or speechless to make the scene drag out. So whatever information needs to be conveyed won't be until lots of hysterical fighting, yelling, and repetition of words (Like how Toby's mom spends nearly an entire scene saying "Ohmigod ohmigod" and "Ohmigod", occasionally saying "You all are crazy" but then following it up with "ohmigod" some more)It's a real shame because this could have been a good book. The premise is actually pretty interesting, after all. less
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Intersting take on werewolf and other creatures. Great for boys.
The guy on the cover looks like Tyler Posey.
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