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A Curse Unbroken (2000)

by Cecy Robson(Favorite Author)
4.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0553394592 (ISBN13: 9780553394597)
Weird Girls
review 1: I was given an ARC from Random House Publishing through NetGalley in return for an honest reviewThis book takes up were book 4 leaves off, with Aric trying to propose to Cilia on the beach. You find out what happened after that story ended and trust me it’s not good. The darkness that has found them once again but this time it’s in a new form, a form that is so different from anything that they have ever battled, one they aren’t even aware of it until it’s almost too late. While they are being tracked and manipulated all of the supernatural are also tracking something. A stone that is so powerful that if it falls into the wrong hands could very well meant the end that the weres are fighting so hard to prevent.This book brought me to tears so many times because ... moremy heart broke for what the sisters have gone through and what they continue to go through every day. Celia and Taran are still battered and continue to struggle after their throw down with Anara, the werewolf elder. Celia, while able to heal on the outside continues to struggle with the loss her child and the fact that she can never conceive again and Taran, whose arm was ripped off, has lost control of her power. To make matter worse though, she has lost the confidence that she once had and feels that her mate Gemini no longer wants her and pushes him away.This is by far one of my favorite paranormal series out there today. It’s an amazing story with quick witted butt kicking females that rope you in so hard that you never want the story to end but you really need to start at the beginning in order to truly grasp what these girls have been through. The stories honestly get better and better and this one was my favorite so far because for now, they truly have a happy ending and Celia gets the one thing that she had given up hope of ever having again.
review 2: brilliant book, my favourite of the series, I loved how it all comes together and the story is not what I expected. we see a old enemy return, loved ones being possessed and trying to kill Celia, unlikely allies, a hell of a lot more kick ass action, we meet the famous Shah. so much going on there's no way for you to put the book down so I suggest making sure you have a lot of time on your hands you will need it.I find that Celia grows stronger and fiercer in this book, she has her moments where she feels like giving up but she won't, can't and to be honest girls been though a war zone and God knows how many attempts on her life and she's still kicking ass, go Celia.we also see how strong Aric and Celias connection is and the love they feel for each other which you can't help but love and envy lol,the way the author has wrote this book is genius, we really connect and feel for Celia and what she's going through, we can't help but mourn for her, feel embarrassed for her, worry about her and want her to catch break and get her happy ever after.this books answers a lot of questions about the girls past and also we see an enemy come full circle. there's no way I could have imagined who was behind it all and I really enjoyed how the book wrapped up, I also have a feeling this isn't the last we will see of the girls and their Wolf's :) brilliant storyline, fantastic characters.a must read series less
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so thankful i got to read this entire series to dat it is an awesome collections thank you cecy
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