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Branded For You (2012)

by Cheyenne McCray(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
Pink Zebra Publishing
Riding Tall
review 1: I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!Stick in the mudd husband leaves wife for another woman, how old is that story?Megan is left with bitter feelings and her self image couldn't be much lower but she bravely picks up her britches and moves to Preston to be closer to her family upon the urging of her sister Tess.Tall and muscular, good looking as sin, Ryan McCray strolls into her life. Shes taken aback and self conscious about her thick curvy body, is he just playing her? She takes a chance and trusts her heart, giving him a chance to come into her world which he totally rocks.But her parents restaurant is failing being sabotaged, their home being on the verge of foreclosure by guess who? Ryan McCray! Did he know who she was? Is that why he first approached her? But she's falling for hi... morem, and now her hearts breaking again. Will she ever find a good man deserving of her love?You'll immediately relate to the characters, and the story line is great in this ranch western setting. The author's style of telling her story is clean and easy to follow.All in all I liked this book and give it a five heart rating. I will definitely read more of Cheyenne McCray's work.
review 2: What can I say? Cheyenne McCray delivers a HOT cowboy and a great story to go along!Cheyenne McCray is well known for her stories that are big on seriously HOT cowboys, seriously HOT sex, and a woman that can more than handle all that HOTNESS!Branded for You is no different. I was a little bit surprised, in a good way, that the book started out in a gentle, easy-going manner. The story is about a young woman who moves to an area right outside Prescott, AZ that has a gentle, easy-going lifestyle. I enjoyed that fact that the tempo of her story followed what was going on in the story. But don't think for a minute that Miss McCray changed her style of writing. Oh no!! She jumps in with both feet at the exact right time, but the story's tempo goes back and forth from slow and easy, to fast, HOT, and steamy!!Another specific thing that I enjoyed about this story was the fact that Megan was not the cookie cutter, size 2 woman that the hot, sexy male falls in love with. Megan is described as a curvy woman. I personally get so tired of Hollywood's unrealistic expectation of what a sexy woman looks like. Miss McCray had the guts to go outside the "norm" and have a hot, sexy man fall for a healthy woman. Kudos to Miss McCray!!Now, let me get off my little soapbox and get back to the important things: Miss McCray is a seasoned writer who knows exactly what it takes to draw her readers in, grab them by the hormones and keep them wanting more!! Miss McCray is a pro and a damn good one!Cowboys, AZ, the outdoors; check out Branded for You, you will be going back for more Cheyenne McCray books!! less
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Enjoyable read with some love characters. A little angst but all in all a nice romance!
Ok story but nothing surprising or exciting. I was a bit dull in my opinion.
This was an awesome book! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!
Really great cowboy romance :)
a really sweet story.
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