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Fencing You In (2000)

by Cheyenne McCray(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 2
Riding Tall
review 1: my favorite so far in this series...the whole time reading this I couldn't put it down for long before I was picking it back up. Gage went through hell in this not to mention the hell that Tess went through, they both had dangers behind them and hardships to get through but those are the things that made them closer in the end. We are hinted towards Jo as being a charcter in an upcoming book.Oh and I cannot forget to mention this...how damn adorable were Gage and Jenny in the end?
review 2: I had been looking forward to Tess's story since meeting her with Megan and Ryan. I was not disappointed. It was good to see the café and Necters were doing well and 'mom' also getting along okay without 'dad'.I was a bit disappointed not to see more of the family and see
... moreing how they were, ect. For me it is a big part of reading a series although each book can stand on its own.I would rate this for mature audiences only. There is some mild BDSM. less
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There were some scary scenes in this book. And some hot stuff. Done nicely, CM. All's good.
more a suspence novel than a romance, but it was still very good book!!!
Cat's AReCafe Staff Pick for 1/25/13.
Awesome book!! Loved the series!!
3.75 stars
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