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The Sandcastle Girls (2012)

by Chris Bohjalian(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
0385534795 (ISBN13: 9780385534796)
review 1: I enjoyed reading this from a historical perspective because sadly, I did not know about the Armenian Genocide which started in 1915 in the region that is now Turkey. The story is about a present day writer researching her Armenian roots and putting together this story of her family's past. While Bohjalian constructs this fictional novel using historic data, he says in the audiobook that it could have been based on his own family history, since he comes from Armenian descent. I agree with other reviewers that the present day story in this novel seems a bit trite and a tad flippant to be written alongside a story about such a gruesome part of history. There was a disconnect there that made me rate this novel lower.
review 2: A historical love story told of an Am
... moreerican nurse and an Armenian engineer caught in the middle of the genocide of the Armenian people by the Turks during an eight year wage of destruction beginning in 1915. One and half million people were slaughtered in the middle of nowhere in the desert. To this day most of the world acknowledges little of this. First the Armenians then the Jews later the Serbs and Rwandans. Humans never seem to be able to stop the killings. The story is very compelling. less
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I was amazed to learn this history of the Armenian genocide during WW1.
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