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Period 8 (2013)

by Chris Crutcher(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 5
0061914800 (ISBN13: 9780061914805)
Harper Collins
review 1: This book...well, this is my first Chris Crutcher book, so I have nothing to compare it to. it's kind of a mixed bag, in my opinion. I did find it tough to put down toward the end, when all of the pieces started coming together. But I had a tough time really "pegging" this book overall...is it a bullying book, as some have called it? is it a relationship book? is it a finding your identity book? is it just a straightforward mystery? not being able to peg it left me drifting a bit.
review 2: In keeping with themes of Chris Crutcher's other books, this one features a lot of sports, a lot of sex, a lot of language, and a story/mystery about disappearing girls, students who lie, and a reliable teacher. I don't read Crutcher's work very often, as it's not my "thin
... moreg", but I felt compelled to try this one. It was uneven in parts-there were times when I wasn't quite sure how things happened the way they did and the action jumps back and forth between characters in a somewhat confusing way, but I think this will appeal to his usual fans. less
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Different than Crutcher's other novels. A bit disjointed at times, but still a good read.
This book was a bit all over the place and unrealistic, but I did have to finish it.
Perfect book for teenagers . Loved it
Amazing story, with twist and turns.
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