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Dochterlief (2010)

by Chris Fabry(Favorite Author)
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9043520241 (ISBN13: 9789043520249)
review 1: Accustomed to living out of an RV and camping out in Wal-Mart parking lots, June Johnson is just a little surprised to find her face on a missing child poster. All of a sudden confronted with the reality that she is likely not June Bug, but Natalie Anne Edwards - that her birthday is not April 9, and maybe her dad is not her dad - June tries to unearth the truth in this coming-of-age meets mystery novel in the form of inspirational fiction.June Bug is the kind of book you can't put down. With narration coming from June's first-person perspective and a third-person omniscient narrator, the stories are pieced together little by little. A grandmother still searching for her long-lost grandchild - or at least some closure. A police officer pursuing the truth. A man with a past... more and a child he loves. A single woman in need of a family.Fabry pushes the story forward with both elegant descriptions and June's childish jabber. His tale is intriguing, wonderful, and delicious to read. I enjoyed that the storyline was unusual and imaginative, not at all formulaic as it could have been
review 2: This story is mostly told from a 9-year-old girl's point of view. She sees her face on a missing persons poster and all of a sudden, her life is turned upside down. She - along with the reader - begins to wonder just WHO is this person who she's called "Daddy" as far back as she can remember? Does she have a mother somewhere? The book is a result of her journey to find the truth about her life.We see two sides of the story, June Bug's grandparents, who have never given up hope of finding their granddaughter, and 9 year old June Bug herself. A heart-warming story with a satisfying twist. less
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A great story. Fresh and captivating.
The best book I've read in awhile!!
I just couldn't put this one down.
Great book - one of my favorites.
Def a good read!
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