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Not In The Heart (2012)

by Chris Fabry(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 4
1414348614 (ISBN13: 9781414348612)
Tyndale House Publishers
review 1: Like the others have said, Chris Fabry is a master storyteller. He was courageous enough to build a story around a main character that isn't very likeable, yet manages to draw the reader into the story emotionally. Like some, there was a point when I had a hard time continuing because I disliked Truman so much, but after a bit, I couldn't put it down. It stayed with me long after the amazing ending. I loved that it wasn't cheesy or predictable.
review 2: Well, that was unexpected! I started out so antagonized by the main character, I wasn't sure I was going to continue reading. A few times I had to walk away for a while to process my dislike for a father and husband that treated his family horribly. Truman never thought about anyone but himself. However, throug
... moreh his research for a book about a man on death row who offered his heart to Truman's dying son, he starts to change. The ending of the story came as a complete surprise! less
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good! I thought I had the ending figured out then it changed.
Awesome book, and the ending was amazing.
Love his books
Great book!
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