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Luchtbellen (2008)

by Chris Fabry(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
Uitgeverij Kok
review 1: This novel is set in the small community of Dogwood, West Virginia. The story is told from the perspective of Will, a young man who has just spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Karin, the young woman Will has been in love with since he was a teenager, Bobby Ray, Karin's brother and a new deputy in the town of Dogwood, and Danny Boyd, the brother of 2 little girls who were killed in a tragic car accident 12 years ago. When Will comes back to Dogwood after being released from prison, he faces nearly insurmountable difficulties because of intense hatred towards him by the people of the town, including his own brother. He is determined to find a way to reach Karin and show her his love for her but she has escaped the reality of the accident that resulted ... morein Will going to prison by escaping into a world of her imagination. Although there is only one reference to Christian beliefs in the book, it seems as though Will himself portrays Jesus in how he has made a supreme sacrifice for her and has continued to love her regardless of her other boyfriends and her withdrawal from him. It is hard to believe that someone would make the choices that he has and remain as pure in heart as he has. The book builds up suspense throughout the plot and has some surprises at the end. Although I enjoyed this book, the switches back and forth among the characters were sometimes confusing for me and seemed to be missing something. The character development of Karin seemed to be weak and incomplete. I did not enjoy this book as much as I did June Bug by Chris Fabry.
review 2: Chris has a quote by Jackson Browne in the front of the book that speaks volumes about this story “I think that life is full of pain…It’s painful for everybody…Growing is painful. But I think that the only way through it , is through it…and anything that helps is a blessing”. The author shows his characters dealing with the pain of life in many different ways.My mind and emotions were impacted as I read the first page. Ruthie Bowles helps Karin find answers and peace in her lonely days and sleepless nights. “I have been staring at the hornet’s nest called life, afraid to live, too stunned to move. Ruthie was the one who drew the poison from my soul.” Karin admits. Chris Fabry delivers word pictures like this all through this story. The imagery is powerful and thought provoking.“Life isn’t pretty so you’ve got to hug the ugly out of it,” Ruthie said to Karin. I loved the depth of gut level honesty these women share with one another. A close relationship develops between this most unlikely pair Ruthie and Karin. As I read I kept wanting to find out the tragedy and heartbreak that happened in this small town named “Dogwood” that brought so many people together and changed their lives forever.In the first 4 chapters the author develops individual characters and their situations. Chris makes it easy to know who’s speaking because the character’s name is on top of each new chapter. Before he takes you to the next chapter and a new character ; the author leaves you hanging and wanting to learn more about the character he just introduced. After the 4th chapter I started wondering if and when these people’s lives would intersect. The story really builds up to this intersection of lives. Then it happens their worlds collide in a fast paced action packed climax. Chris Fabry has woven these people’s lives and this story together in a fascinating way.After serving a prison sentence for a DWI that killed three children, Will returns home to the scorn of his small town, the love of his life, and a police corruption scandal involving meth. less
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Have you ever read a book in which the ending was a shocker?! This is that book!
I like this book. :)
loved this book
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