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Firefight (2008)

by Chris Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
1846053293 (ISBN13: 9781846053290)
review 1: If you're a fan of reading espionage thrillers and books you just cannot put down ... then grab this one and start reading - NOW!! Seriously, I had to take only a few breaks as I didn't want to miss a thing and I know it is a book and not a TV Show or Film, but this read was a fantastic, brilliant, attention seeking thrill ride that left me sitting on the edge. Now I have finished and know that Chris Ryan writes from experience, the regiment is one scary place to be.
review 2: I would never normally pick this book up.... however, I was at the beach and needed a new book and the rest of the books on the exchange shelf were in German or Thai so I figured why not. I actually really enjoyed the book... it is my first Iraq/Afghan/military war book but it was done r
... moreeally well. At times it was a little too much war stuff for me but I feel the author did a great job keeping the graffic to a minimum in order to keep the story rich. It also helps that the author is a real army intelligence guy from England. There are parts in the book that make you upset with being an American (but that goes without saying)... That being said if I see more books by him I wouldn't mind picking up another one... less
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Always love reading a book that you just cannot put down. This action packed novel was a good read.
Really good book, exciting, it was like in the movies.
Loved every part of this book.
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