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The Cold Pools (2012)

by Chris Ward(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 3
AMMFA Publishing
review 1: As the world ends, a couple go to the last cold spot on Earth. They are taking their last vacation to the remote resort town to say goodbye.This is a great example of what a short story should be. It is able to give the reader a whole wholly changed from what we know, well developed characters, and a story filled with emotion.I found this as short story as a free download. Obviously the author wants to introduce the reader to his writings. If this is an accurate example, than I will be looking for more of his works to read.
review 2: A Delightful Short StoryThe world is coming to an end and the only naturally cool place remaining is the cold pools. Lewis and Karen spend all they have to go there for their last, their very last holiday together. Karen is sufferi
... moreng from skin cancer and has very little time left......What a lot is packed into these 3,000 words! The Cold Pools is a horror story set in a dystopian future world where nothing is quite as it seems. But it is also a very poignant love story. Beautifully-written, Mr Ward manages to create an alternative world, believable characters and a thought-provoking plot with the apparent ease that marks a master of the short story form.It is very refreshing to read a story that works as well as this one. less
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I enjoyed this short story: very well-written with an interesting twist!
Very sad, but I see it as a potential outcome for the Earth one day.
Sad & a bit creepy with the whole death of a civilization thing.
Quick read.. great short story
Well written short story.
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