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The Tube Riders (2013)

by Chris Ward(Favorite Author)
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AMMFA Publishing
The Tube Riders
review 1: Though this book is a bit on the long side it is very interesting and will keep you reading. The story is about a group of kids that are called Tube Riders, basically they are train jumpers for adrenaline rush of it. The story is based in the future Britain or Mega Britain. The main characters are simple kids or young adults that are just trying to survive in the new world made for them by a sadistic ruler that turns normal people into gene altered or scientifically altered creatures of ones nightmares. As the author stated in reference to the creatures sometimes death is better, sometimes death is a release. When the kids find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time not only do their lives forever change but so does the world around them. The group finds themselve... mores challenged in every possible way and then some. The courage and skill the group has will be challenged, forced and even broken at times. They must find a way to survive and they must find help. Who lives and who dies won’t tell you but this definitely not a normal read. I loved this book and intend to read on into the next book. The author truly gave this read a new feel and new way to look at what you thought about the changes of the world. Really good read would recommend this to anyone over 14, only because of gore feature.
review 2: It had such high ratings, and it was a dystopian novel...I thought it would be right up my alley. I can't recommend this one at all. Let's start with the language...by about page three, I had been overloaded with offensive content from the characters--who were apparently just hanging out with each other. I tried plowing along for a little while longer, but I found it difficult to even see a point in why I would read about these individuals. This review is just for me...to remind me not to pick this one up again. less
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Good concept, very short but would read more by the author.
Kindle freebie, 12/21/12
It was ok...
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