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Taken By The Prince (2011)

by Christina Dodd(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 1
0451413040 (ISBN13: 9780451413048)
Governess Brides
review 1: So predictable. I found Victoria's acceptance of being kidnapped....unbelievable, also so much of the story had to make me suspend my logic, I just couldn't get into it. I've read several of this authors works and haven't really liked any of them. Will not look for anymore of her books. However, I am a disabled USAF vet and get given books...so she may show up in my gift books, in which case if desperate for something to read, I will. If you can deal with pure fantasy, unreasonable characters, etc..you'll enjoy this book. Dodd does construct sentences well, her words move well, and the general construction of the story is good.
review 2: Contrary to some of the reviews that I have read I found that this is an enjoyable book about a man that I found very intrigu
... moreing. I found that this is a story true to the historical romances of this genre. There is the woman that is determined to fight to keep her virtue and the rake that is just as determined to win her. Raul "Sabre" Lawrence is what he was raised to be, a nobleman. He has made the most of his time in his father homeland. He is determined reclaim is homeland and relieve his countrymen of their suffering. Raul is the true King of Moricadia. He has lost his mother and grandfather to the de Guignards and he wants revenge. There is much to admire about Raul, he cares a great deal for his sisters, he wants the best for his family and people, he is honorable, compassionate, mischievous and a born leader. He is also a dominant man and will only accept submission from his mate. He does respect Victoria Cardiff for her quick mind and courage.Victoria is a woman that has accepted that she will never marry. No man has kept her attention and most just annoy her. She loves her job as governess. She has gotten to travel throughout Europe for two years while teaching her charges how to behave in society. Victoria has a gift for languages and numbers and diplomacy. She remembers the night that Raul kissed her on the balcony of his father's home in England. Raul is the only man that has ever aroused her enough to pulled her from his stiff, upright manners. I love that she seems to throw Raul into a tail spin whenever she is near. I love that she isn't afraid to stand up to Raul's men. I also love that she stands by Raul in the final battle with Jean Pierre.One of the things I would like to know is if Jean Pierre kill Prince Sandre or if he was imprisoned. I am not sure there is any punishment strong enough for the de Guignards. They are the very definition of evil and vile. Now the rest of the characters are enjoyable and likable. You want these people to succeed and finally have a wonderful life. The country makes you think of the mountain wildernesses here in the United States. The wild high country that takes your breath away. The pines and streams and the clear, clean air. This is a wonderful example of historical romance. There was so much history and ceremony. I think that anyone that reads this genre will enjoy this book. less
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You will find yourself wishing the Country was real! Fresh take on the usual governess story.
DNF. Characters too one dimensional.
Fun sweet and easy
Really cute!
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