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Los Del Otro Lado (2011)

by Christopher Buehlman(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
Plaza & Janés
review 1: I am an avid reader, 70 yrs. of age, have read many good writers' in my life, such as J. Patterson,Dean Koontz, Wilbur Smith and Jeane Auel, but....Mr. Buehlman has "hooked" me!!! We need more soon. I love his style and will purchase any....that is ANY...new works by the man. What a delight Christopher. Keep up the amazing twists and turns. It's a pleasure for an old retired guy....and for new readers' in search of "Quality." your fan (new one.) a.w.metz, oxford, ohio.
review 2: Though it may seem somewhat trite to premise a novel on the fact that "small towns have secrets", this is a lyrically beautiful and heartbreaking gothic horror story: at turns matter-of-fact and slightly comedic, and then sexy, scary, and eerie all at once. I would "5 star" it, except f
... moreor the ending: there is a conventional, revenge-fueled confrontation involved, and the abrupt turn the otherwise remarkably curious, persistent and noble hero takes, just doesn't ring true. Other than the conclusion, I highly recommend this book: and at the bargain price I picked it up at, it was worth every penny. less
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Fantastic. Great creepy tone throughout, enough so that I never wanted to read it before bed.
It was ok, story line didn't really come together for me
He had me after the first few paragraphs.
Very creepy...
kinda slow
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