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Bryant And May And The Invisible Code (2000)

by Christopher Fowler(Favorite Author)
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Bryant & May
review 1: The Invisible Code was really fun! I love the grumpy old detectives; such a nice change from the vaguely middle-aged (but still virile) trope that has been so popular lately. The mystery - well, mysteries, actually - were interesting, and the pacing was good. I liked that Bryant & May got all sorts of things wrong before they figured it all out. Happily there are nine books preceding this one, so I can catch up on the backstories that were hinted at.
review 2: Just finished reading (yes, I am wasting my hours reading when there are perfectly good messes to clean) The Invisible Code. The Bryant and May mysteries are completely indescribable, impossible to fit into any particular genre. Let me just say that if you might enjoy books about two geriatric detectives
... morerunning a police unit staffed by a group of people who are odd even for police officers (their office cat is named Crippen), who always find some supernatural element in their cases, and in which the real protagonist is the city of London itself---well, then, I highly recommend Bryant and May. less
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This book is a like cutsey British Da Vinci Code. Very peculiar indeed.
Always fun to read these books
Hugely enjoyable as usual :-)
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