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Hell Train (2011)

by Christopher Fowler(Favorite Author)
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1907992448 (ISBN13: 9781907992445)
review 1: American Shane Carter arrives at Hammer Horror's studios, and agrees to write a film script in less that five days. Meanwhile, far away in space and time, a girl steals a board game from the attic and begins to play the forbidden game Hell Train, a bit like Jumanji only with railways. Years later, in 1916, adventurer Nicholas Castleford persuades Isabella to escape her servile life as the publican's daughter. English vicar Thomas Wellesley and his wife Miranda also try to escape the civil war engulfing Carpathia and. In desperation, they all board the Arkangel. But, as you'd expect, this is no ordinary train; it's the Hell Train, and everyone aboard must pay for their ticket in their own way. No-one can leave the train until they have been tested or they will forfeit their... more soul, and to fail the test is to be damned for all eternity. All are tried for their character flaws but, as the journey continues, we realise that this is all Shane's film script. And discover that Isabella has seen the Arkangel's construction in the foundry at Chelmsk, and that she must learn the horrific history of the engine and still beat the Devil if she - and maybe Nicholas - are to survive. And as the little girl puts away the broken toy train, Shane completes his script for Hammer Pictures, but will they film it? Rather gory horror story which I enjoyed but don't want to repeat. 7/10. (March 2013)
review 2: I thought the story of the abandoned tale was hard for me to follow. I am only 13 years old and this book is meant for adults, but I still think it should've been easier to follow the story. What I got from this book is that the main story of the book is a horror movie that Hammer Horror Films abandoned because they didn't think that it was worth the money. The only part of this book that I could really follow was the part where Nicholas meets Isabella in a small rotten town, where women are treated as servants. Other than that, I couldn't really piece the rest of the story together. less
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great read for anyone who grew up watching the hammer horror films of the sixties and seventies.
Great vintage horror story akin to the classic horror films of Hammer studios.
Not read a horror book in ages so this was refreshing.
A hell of a ride!!!
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