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Watching The Clock (2011)

by Christopher L. Bennett(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
1451606257 (ISBN13: 9781451606256)
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Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations
review 1: Christopher wrote one of the most well thought through time-travel books that I have read. He successfully tied it in with most of the time travel incidents from the StarTrek universe. Gave a nod to some writers and smirk to others. Everything regarding time-travel: in-universe and IRL is very well researched and even referenced at the end of the book. Thumbs up for proper referencing!Now on to the downsides. The book has very poor interleaving of the chapters. Although it makes the story more dynamic. After the initial fork in the storyline, the subplots converge with no significant contribution to each other. And they are quite weak; mostly providing space for essays on temporal mechanics and interspecies relations. Characters were surprisingly solid most of the time wit... moreh a few unexpected aberrations here and there. Overall, the author provides great attention to details, but could also keep in mind a little bit more of the global overview.
review 2: A police procedural about time travel? Even done moderately well, that's a winner of a concept, and Bennett does it moderately well. Somebody's apparently stalking the Federation's top temporal physicists, and time cops from several major powers across six centuries are vying for jurisdiction - and, incidentally, trying to solve the case. Great fun, marred by Bennett's odd project of trying to retcon much of the silliness of TOS into something like coherent contemporary sci-fi science. He does a creditable job, but I found the project an obsessive distraction from the story.The long appendix of sources on parallel universes and time travel is a nice little reference guide. less
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Great! The idea of people cleaning up after our heroes is sound and executed well by Mr Bennett
an interesting read. I like the many back stories, especially about the Deltans.
Good Book but with all time travel books confusing at times.
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