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Red Moon Secrets (Deadly Beauties #3) (2014)

by C.M. Owens(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
C.M. Owens
review 1: No doubt this gets 5 stars. It's unusual to have a trilogy where each book is amazing, but the DEADLY BEAUTIES series is a real winner.Kane had a lot of groveling to do in book 3. I went from loving him, to hating him, to loving him again. I'm still a big Kane fan. I actually like all the characters, except for Amy. I hated her from book one through three. I'm happy with the ending, though. Very happy.
review 2: Paranormal isn't my favourite genre but after reading the first book in this trilogy as a free download, I was hooked. This I believe was meant to be a 4 book series so I'm glad the author decided to conclude the story in this book as I don't like series that drag on. It was a great conclusion and I was pleased with which guy won her heart!I have read o
... moren the authors facebook page that fans are keen for her to write a book about another character (or two!) from the Deadly Beauties series and I agree. I would love to read their stories.I think this author is an up and coming talent. She writes paranormal and contemporary. I look forward to reading her future books. less
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conclusion is not what I had expected, it was much better! sad the series had to end....
This book was amazing the entire trilogy was a awsum, loved the characters and the story
Three books weren't enough. I want more, love to expand on the other characters
I loved this book if your thinking of reading it u should.
Dazzling, as always!
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