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Lonestar Homecoming (2010)

by Colleen Coble(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 5
1595547347 (ISBN13: 9781595547347)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
review 1: Gracie is emotionally damaged. She has grown into a woman that runs from everything. She began running when she was pregnant with her daughter, Hope. Five years later she has run into Michael. He becomes her knight in shining armor. He realizes that she has some major issues but decides to entrust her with the care of his children. Michael is a military man, protocol is a way of life. Rules, regulation shadow all his actions. For Gracie, emotions lead the way. They decide to marry to protect all the children in the event something should happen to one of them. As they find their balance working together and discovering each other, they learn the importance of facing fears (Gracie) and allowing emotions to trump rules (Michael). Michael is patient with Gracie. She continues... more to run, even after they are married. During her last run, she discovers God and His presence and unending love for her. This allows her to make peace with everything and face her demons. Without realizing all that is going on Michael and Gracie's story are woven together. The dangers lurking in the background eventually come to a head. Gracie discovers strength to face her fears. Michael, through Gracie's loving touch as a mother and wife, discovers family comes before duty. This is definitely my favorite story in the series.
review 2: With nothing but five dollars and the wedding dress she's wearing, Gracie Lister flees with her daughter by train to West Texas, to the town she ran away from so long ago. There they find refuge in the home of Michael Wayne--devoted single father, seasoned soldier--who gives Gracie a job caring for his two children and the hiding place she needs from her former fiance.Michael and Gracie aren't looking for love, but it finds them right away. And then trouble comes to call in the form of Gracie's ex-fiance who is now on the FBI's most-wanted list. Together, Michael and Gracie must find the strength they need to protect their newly forged family.This is one those marriages of necessity that turns into love, with both characters overcoming personality flaws. I enjoyed the story, but found Gracie's constant inconstancy a bit annoying. less
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It was suspenseful,loving,and definitely lead you waiting to find another book.
I enjoyed the story. Love the series, Looking forward to book #4!
Great story and characters - keeps you interested.
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