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Lie Or Die (2000)

by Colleen Helme(Favorite Author)
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Shelby Nichols
review 1: I requested to receive this book in exchange for a review through Audiobook Jukebox after having read and listened to the first two books in this, the Shelby Nichols Adventures, series by Colleen Helme. This series revolves around a housewife and mother of two who has acquired the "super power" to read minds. This ability, known by a very few, allows her to willingly help the police solve crimes and not-so-willingly help a local mob boss know who is loyal and who isn't. Someday soon, I suspect she will also help her attorney husband, but that hasn't come to fruition yet.This series is a light read mystery/suspense and each book is stand-alone. When previous events or former characters are mentioned, the author does a good job filling the reader in on the relevant highlight... mores from a previous book without overwhelming the reader with a long non relevant summary. Also, the author does a fine job keeping the multiple story lines separate and distinct -- it seems that there is a story line related to a case of her husband's, a story line with the mob boss and another relating to s case being investigated by the police. Sometimes two of the story lines are related and the author brings them together smoothly.Each audio book in the series is approximately 8 1/2 hours (the books are a slightly under 300 pages in length) and are all narrated by Wendy Tremont King. She does a fine job reading and giving each character his or her own voice. She also reads consistently from one book to the next -- keeping the pace similar and the different voices similar from one book to the next.I would recommend this to all readers enjoying mystery and suspense as well as those who like a lighter read with amiable characters. This would be a good book/series to listen to on a long drive, enough going on for the whole family to enjoy and nothing truly inappropriate for young adults (a quick death or two in each book and loving parents, but nothing explicit or "R" rated).
review 2: It can't be easy knowing what everyone is thinking around you. Shelby Nichols knows the consequences all too well. The third book in her series has her rushing around trying to help everyone. What a busy stay at home mom between helping a bank manager find stolen money, helping "Uncle" Joey with his business, trying to keep her husband from being threatened at his job, helping the police, and still having time to pick up her children and plan a vacation is super impressive.I think she's dealing with her abilities well. During the second book I wasn't sure if I approved but now I realize she's learning and taking her skills in stride. I love it. Still completely unpredictable. I have no idea where she's going to be off to next. Not to mention the picture frame incident was hilarious.Shelby quickly grew on me and I'm hoping this isn't the last I'll see of her. Ramos is one of my favorite characters as well so hopefully, I see him more often as well. Too fun. Comedy, drama, suspense, it's all in there. You won't be disappointed. less
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I'm loving Ramos and for a bad guy, Uncle Joey is pretty awesome!
Another great book!! Loving this series.
4.5I'm SO loving this series.
Review to follow.
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