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Upside Of Irrationality (2000)

by Dan Ariely(Favorite Author)
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0007431813 (ISBN13: 9780007431816)
review 1: This was my very first book on behavioral economics and, of course, the first one from Dan. And I loved it! I loved the ingenuity of the tests that Dan and his team devised to test and confirm the quirkiness of human nature. The outcome of the tests were, shall I say, predictable- but maybe that is because I have never gone with the rational theories and hence the ideas in the books resonated with me fully.
review 2: I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Ariely's writing till I picked this one up.This book tries to shed light a handful of common irrational behaviors people have, and point out how either knowing can prevent issues (people care more a single person in a tragedy than the statistics of everyone in the tragedy), or using them to improve situations (var
... moreious examples of having meaningful work, and the motivation it inspires).A quick read, but worth it. less
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As the last book, Ariely really hits home with this second book of his triology. Exciting read!
Bueno, aunque es mucho mejor Predictably Irrational
Perfecto, as always
inútil ...
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