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The Lost Symbol (2008)

by Dan Brown(Favorite Author)
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0385504225 (ISBN13: 9780385504225)
Robert Langdon
The Lost Symbol is the third novel, which main unforgettable character is Robert Langton. The book was written in 2009 and became a bestseller.

The new symbols that are known only for Robert, are awaiting for the famous Harvard symbologist. This time the professor met with his mentor Peter Solomon kidnapping. He received the strange symbolic invitation to “start the game”. The adventure begins from the Capitol, where the sign was found. This is a wonderful travelling through the numerous tunnels, temples and chambers of Washington in search of the truth.

Ancient history, Mason movement and one secret that has to be unravel. The Lost Symbol is full of mystery and riddles. This book – is an unbelievable impossible to put down story, written by unrivaled Dan Brown. He is a master of w
... moreords, his books is a real treasure for those, who fond of puzzles, secrets and mystery symbols. less
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