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Angels & Demons (2000)

by Dan Brown(Favorite Author)
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1416524797 (ISBN13: 9781416524793)
Robert Langdon
Angels & Demons is one of the most famous novel by Dan Brown. It was written in 2000 and was screened at 2009.

The main character is well-known professor of religious iconology and art history from Harvard – Robert Langton. He is a renowned symbologist, whose task is to unriddle a mysterious symbol. The ancient very powerful organization named Illuminati has a finger in the pie. The representatives stepped out of the shade in order to get one thing done – to raise the Catholic Church to the ground.

Many secrets and mysteries accompany the readers throughout the whole book from the very beginning up to the end. The brave and smart Robert Langton got to grips between religion and science. His mother wit and deep knowledge is enough to win this war. Many historical events and interestin
... moreg facts wrapped up in an enigma from the faraway past have been revealed and appeared before the readers. less
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