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Inferno (2013)

by Dan Brown(Favorite Author)
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0385537859 (ISBN13: 9780385537858)
Robert Langdon
Inferno is the fourth adventure of Robert Langton, the famous professor from Harvard, whom the readers get acquainted with in the three previous books: Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.

This is a completely new story by Dan Brown, which was published in 2013. Why Inferno? This time Robert has to read a riddle of ancient Italy and, more precisely, the mystery of the famous Italian poet - Dante Alighieri. The book’s plot and writing style is perfect as usual. The author keeps the reader’s attention from the very beginning, while the main character finds himself in an Italian hospital, till the very end, while the puzzle is unraveled. This time the Langton’s task is even more mysterious and complicated. What was Dante hiding? What was his secret?

Dan Brown did a
... moregreat researching job that led to this amazing result. The book is a bestseller and was translated in many languages. less
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