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Doug Unplugged (2013)

by Dan Yaccarino(Favorite Author)
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0375966439 (ISBN13: 9780375966439)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: “Doug Unplugged”, written and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino, is a story about a little robot named Doug, who is plugged in everyday to download facts. One day, while learning facts about the city, realizes that the best way to learn about the city is to go into the city! With that, Doug unplugs himself and zooms out the window, seeing pigeons, taxis, and sidewalks. After zooming around the city, he arrives at a playground — and is asked to play! With all the fun Doug is having, will he ever want to go back home? The illustrations in “Doug Unplugged” are quite interesting, utilizing large amounts of white, negative space. Some pictures have colored shapes as a backdrop, while others are complete city mazes, and some are a conglomeration of miniature illustrations.... more The varying formatting styles make the illustrations particularly engaging for the reader, because every page is a new illustrative experience, using different amounts of color, negative space, and varying sizes and shapes. Similarly, the constant use of bright colors adds dimension and excitement to the relatively simplistic illustrations. Although the characters are portrayed somewhat unrealistically, the facial expressions of the characters — Doug especially — are vibrant and expressive, a interesting opposition that works perfectly with the text. The overall theme of the book is the promotion of learning and gaining knowledge, as well as allowing oneself to experience new, exciting things. Although the themes presented are valuable, especially for young children and early readers, the story ends with little explanation — why does Doug, a young boy, face no repercussions for going out alone into a potentially dangerous city? This issue may be passed over my most young readers but may create questions for more advanced readers. Overall, the text is clearly written and the plot is very straight-forward and easy to follow, making it both a great read-aloud and individual reading book.
review 2: Reading Level: Kindergarten This book is about a little, yellow, robot named Doug. His robot parents wanted him to be the smartest robot there was, so they would plug him in everyday; downloading all sorts of information on a variety of topics. However, Doug got distracted by a pigeon and wanted to know about the world through experience, he decided to unplug himself and check out what was outside. He learned many things about the city life and even met a friend, who taught him how to play. The book ends with the little robot hugging his proud parents. The illustrations in this book are very colorful, with simplistic shapes and designs that make up everything. There is a definite emphasis on the robot through the color scheme chosen. This book is great for the classroom because of the message it carries, that while you can learn from facts, having experience first-hand can hold great knowledge. It is important for young academic minds to realize that there needs to be a happy medium in knowledge from books and then first hand experiences. This emphasizes the importance of children having recess. less
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This is a very cute story about a robot who learns that learning facts is not the only way to learn.
My kiddo loved this book!! We got it from the library and read it over and over and over again!!!
Colorful pictures and fun story.
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