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The Summer Of Moonlight Secrets (2010)

by Danette Haworth(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
080279520X (ISBN13: 9780802795205)
Walker Childrens
review 1: Buzzwords: alternating POV, friendship, selkies/mermaids, loneliness, loyalty, secrets, family, romance (light)For a book with a paranormal twist, the paranormal/fairy tale stuff was surprisingly mild. Mostly this was realistic fiction - Allie Jo lives in a Florida hotel where her parents work, and is pretty lonely, teased by the popular girls for 'not having a home' and for being poor. Nevertheless, she is confident, happy with her life, her loving family, and taking charge of tours, guests, and more as an unofficial employee. Chase's dad is a travel journalist, and his mom left when he was only a kid. Chase is into sports, and fellow hotel guest Sophie - who is into him to (cute, middle-grade appropriate romance ensues in the background of events). When Allie Jo and Chas... moree independently meet Tara, a mysterious girl who is gorgeous, swims at night, hides from everyone else, and seems to have come from somewhere else, they are determined to help her - but that might be more difficult than they think.Something which might bother some, but which I think worked, is that once Tara's story is resolved - once Allie Jo and Chase help her solve her problem (spoilers), the story wraps up pretty quick, so some of the other resolutions - will all the kids see each other again, can Allie Joe stand up to the bullies in the future and will she make more friends,will Chase see his mother again/come to terms with her leaving, etc. - are left open for the reader to imagine/intuit what happens, rather than wrapped up tight and tied with a bow.
review 2: I read this book about 2 years ago after purchasing it at my schools Scholastic Book Fair. I was super excited to open it up and begin reading because I was so fascinated by the cover. This book did not fail to please me at all. The Summer of Moonlight Secrets is written in mainly two peoples perspectives - main characters Chase and Allie Jo - with a mix of the mysterious selkie girl, Tara. Together, they help Tara return to the sea while trying to stay under the radar. This also has a small romance between Chase and Sophie (small character) which I found was a good element to the story, but that's just my opinion. All in all, this is one of my favorite books and I have already recommended it to many people. less
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Really good. Really good .There are 3 different points of view.
addictive very addictive
I love it so far
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