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L'estate Del Coprifuoco (2011)

by Daniel Kraus(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
8806207636 (ISBN13: 9788806207632)
review 1: I was hoping this book would be horror, but it wasn't really, despite what the cover looks like. Kind of disturbing and sad? Yes. The book is about the summer of 3 12-year-old boys, a monster who turns out not to be a monster, death, and a terrifying kid who turns out not to be terrifying. There's sort of a mystery in there as well--a kid gets run over by a truck and killed and within the same week a kid loses his arm from being run over by the truck. The 3 boys try to figure out the mystery as their families fall apart.
review 2: A pretty solid, creepy coming-of-age story that manages to combine the symptoms of growing up with fear in a pretty effective way. The jacket description isn't entirely accurate: it describes the story as someone being out to kill you
... moreng boys, but really there is a series of mysterious accidents in a small town that induces a curfew and puts everyone on edge. Within that dread, three twelve-year-old friends, one of which lost his arm to this series of accidents, grow apart, decide to do daring things over the summer anyway, and decide they're too old for various things they used to enjoy. My one little nitpick is I think just a little too much was explained about the accidents in the end, which took away just a little bit of the mystery and dread, at least for me. All in all, an excellent debut novel. less
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I couldn't get into this book. It all felt forced. I gave up and didn't finish.
Good. Not as strong or tight as Rotters but I still gobbled it up in a day.
The concept behind the story is better than the actual story.
All I can say is... WTH? Pretty bad.
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