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The Straight Razor Cure (2011)

by Daniel Polansky(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
1444721291 (ISBN13: 9781444721294)
Hodder & Stoughton
Low Town
review 1: The best way to describe Low Town is that fantasy and noir got together and had a love child. This is not an urban fantasy set in the "real world", but rather in a secondary world, where magic exists. The world is dark and gritty at best, and grotesque and ugly at worst. The protagonist and first-person narrator is a product of the world, a crime kingpin known only as the Warden. He is a bastard, a real piece-of-work, and very aware of that fact. However, despite this, he is a sympathetic character. I found myself rooting for him, even when I was disgusted by him. That is good writing. I predicted the plot twist fairly early in the book, but even that did not take away from the story or deter my enjoyment of it. It was foreshadowed in such a way, that I suspected ... morewhat was going to happen, but wasn't completely sure until just before the big reveal. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves noir and dark fantasy, as well as its sequels.
review 2: Good book. Very nice debut novel from Daniel Polansky . Rugged, flawed hero, and some colorful second characters. A fantasy noir (never read one,I think) that doesn't leave you bored for one moment. The only problem for me was the the "mystery" our hero tries to solve. At 1/4 of the book I was......"Hm, maybe it was X's doing.At 60% of the book I was sure that it was X, and our hero was chasing in vain after Y and Z (I was hoping the author was hiding something for the end, to surprise me and prove me wrong). * SPOILER ( sort of) At the end it was X with a little help from Z.Suffice to say I was disappointed in the mystery itself.Despite this minor flaw, I'll be reading book two. less
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First book in a while I've been really impressed with.
Well. Fuck. That was...yep. Intense?INTENSE?
Published in UK as The Straight Razor Cure
Also called Straight Razor Cure
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