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Gold Medal Fitness: A Revolutionary 5-Week Program (2010)

by Dara Torres(Favorite Author)
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0767931963 (ISBN13: 9780767931960)
review 1: This book contains sound advice. I have read it all before since I like to read about fitness and health, but it is still great information. The author makes her routine seem very "doable" for the average person even though she is an Olympic athlete. I bought the book to read about her unique stretching/strengthening exercises, which I will definitely be adding to my routine. I wasn't so sure about her workout plans at the end of the book...they seemed to lack enough cardio, especially for someone following her plan who is trying to lose weight.
review 2: I was really happy to see a mainstream fitness book include Ki-Hara resistance stretching. I have been using it to deal with arthritis in my foot, and I love it.The "5 weeks" in the title refers to the tim
... moree it takes to build fitness habits. Torres struggled with eating disorders, so the nutritional information is more about sensible eating than losing weight. So if you're looking for a get-fit quick book, you'll be disappointed. I would have like to see more on swimming, but I guess she ran out of space. Maybe that will be her next book! less
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Sound advice but nothing you can't find in dozens of other fitness books.
It was a fast read lots of common sense advice. Now to implement!!!
Sound advice. Nothing trendy, no crazy ideas about food.
not appropriate for my physical limitations
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