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Hell's Corner (2010)

by David Baldacci(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0230706150 (ISBN13: 9780230706156)
Camel Club
review 1: I have never read a David Baldacci novel and was not disappointed. I definitely need to read more of the Camel Club novels.Oliver Stone (aka John Carr), lives simply, as a caretaker of a cemetery, but is called back to duty with the government when a bomb goes off in Lafayette Park in Washington DC (Hell's Corner). British agent, Mary Chapman, becomes his partner and the members of the Camel Club join the team.Intriguing story of political mischief where the government agencies don't communicate and play well together. Surprise, surprise.
review 2: I was disappointed with this book. I expect more from a Baldacci novel, much more.. If this book was written by a popcorn thriller author and I expect such a cheesy stupid plot, I probably would have liked it.. T
... morehis had a lot of stuff happening, assassination attempts, cartels, gun fights, and shallow characters (or characters developed previously in the series). A Baldacci novel is supposed to have more. Very disappointed less
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This one was a little predictable, but entertaining, nevertheless
Pure entertainment; I love listening to his books on audio tape!
3.5-4 rating.
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