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Death Of A Bankster (2013)

by David Bishop(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 3
Telemachus Press, LLC
Maddie Richards Mystery
review 1: Maddie Richards, the main character, doesn’t make an appearance until late in Chapter 5. That’s far too late. The main character should come on-stage no later than Chapter 2.Much of the dialog is overly formal and very unnatural; reading like it was lifted from a turn of the last century English novel. It rang especially false when uttered by cops in Phoenix, AZ. Some of it sounds contrived, a lame way for the author to get in information he couldn’t figure out how to deliver otherwise. Much of it was unnecessary. And much of it was so tedious, it was painful to read.Bishop did a good job when Maddie and another character were brainstorming the case. But even here, the stilted dialog made the scene drag.This download had some of the worst formatting I’ve eve... morer encountered – so much that it made the book hard to read. And a major character, Ryan, was called Matt in one chapter. Doesn’t anybody use proofreaders any more?The rule in baseball is three strikes, you’re out. In my reading world, it’s two strikes, you’re out. Sorry, Mr. Bishop, you just had your second strike. You’re out.
review 2: Second book of the series and if possible, liked this even better than the first, which I also gave a 5-star rating to.The author hits all my 'like' buttons and misses all the dislike buttons. His lead detective is a single mother but manages both personal life and professional duties in a sensible, straightforward manner, no drinking binges, no angst. The police department and supporting characters are presented with normal personality conflicts but no huge political or personal animosity, no "detective against the world" scenarios.Plot line in this book is interesting, touching on money laundering, terrorists and counter-terrorism tactics, perhaps a bit of a suspension of belief is necessary but it is handled with a smooth storyline that makes an entertaining read.Just wish the author wrote more in this series faster. less
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Starts off as a better than average mystery, but the ending fell short of satisfying for me.
Nice and well-paced story. The dialogues could have been little better.
This was my favorite David Bishop book so far! Loved it!
very good
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