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No Interrumpas, Kika! (2013)

by David Ezra Stein(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
8426139299 (ISBN13: 9788426139290)
Editorial Juventud
review 1: This story is very relatable for a lot of kids because the chicken keeps interrupting his father and it is very humorous. The fact that it is very funny throughout the entire book, and this remains consistent. I love the use of a lot of color and the chickens were really funny looking and appealing to the reader. I would have this book in my future classroom because it is funny, entertaining, and it made me smile.
review 2: The Interrupting Chicken was story that I found to be very entertaining to read. The drawings are colorful and very bright as well as very eye catching for the reader. The illustrations are done in pastels, making the whole story very vivid. This story was about bedtime stories that papa is reading to chicken are stories that we know today s
... moreuch as little red riding hood, and chicken little. I think that parents would also enjoy this story for themselves as they read this aloud to their children. This is a great story for teachers to use in their classrooms because you could also read this aloud to your kids along with the stories mentioned in this book. This story will have children laughing along with the pictures because little chicken is a very entertaining character. I think this is a great story to help spark imagination in children. less
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I've met this chicken, I've tried to read to this chicken, and yep it went about the same for me.
Great read aloud, better after reading them the actual folktales...maybe 1-3? 2 seems optimal
This book is hysterical and works really well at storytimes. One of my favorites!
great bedtime book for 3 and up. Funny and insightful
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