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Both Flesh And Not: Essays (2012)

by David Foster Wallace(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
0316182370 (ISBN13: 9780316182379)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: I think of this as the White Album of DFW's nonfiction--a bit disjointed because they were thrown together in the wake of his death but still rife with compelling trains of thought. He unpieces the myth of the tortured math genius, muses how difficult it is to be "well-rounded" in an age of information glut, and describes beautifully the love/hate relationship a writer has with her work. Snoots will direct you to CTL or ASFINDA but these essays stand on their own quirky merits
review 2: Though disjointed at times, this collection was an excellent introduction to some of the topics that interest DFW. These include but certainly aren't limited to mathematics, Terminator 2, the intricacies of both writing and professional tennis, and just straight up high-level ph
... moreilosophy. I'd never read anything by DFW before this and this was a nice introduction to his heavily foot-noted style, which I quite enjoy. Looking forward to reading more of his stuff, possibly later this year if I can muster the courage to make an attempt on "Infinite Jest." less
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A few real gems in here, especially the pieces on T2 and Word Notes.
It wanted less tennis and movies. I was hoping for more variety.
It's no Consider the Lobster, but it's still pretty good
The B-sides of a virtuoso are still perfect.
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