The Cape

Over summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel around America and Canada, and our final stop was the one I had been looking forward to the most!
Cape Cod (or ‘The Cape’ to the regulars and locals) is a glorious little paradise nestled just off the coast, south of Boston.

17 years ago, when I was just 5 years old, my family stayed at The Cape for a couple of weeks, but have only the vaguest of recollections and so I was excited to see if it would live up to expectations!
Cape Cod is one of those ageless islands, with its quintessential New England charm, and sparkling blue ocean making it a delight for the heart and soul!

On our arrival onto the island, our first stop was NOT the hotel, but a mini-golf course in the village of Sandwich. For us, a family holiday is not complete, without a tournament!
On my return home, I discovered I had inadvertently recreated an old photo! I guess I haven’t changed that much! Hahaha!

On our second (and sadly final) day, we took the ferry across to Martha’s Vineyard, making sure to set off early to make the most of the day!

It’s about a 45 minute boat ride across the blue Vineyard Sound. My dad in particular is pretty terrible to have on a boat (apparently he get’s ‘sea-sick’…) but even he couldn’t help being distracted by just how glorious the morning sail was! Mum and I LOVE looking at houses and there are some STUNNING sea-front properties which you can catch a glimpse of! Although a word of warning – it may make you just ever so sliiigghttlyyy envious!

Martha’s Vineyard in and of itself is very similar to The Cape, however it is somehow even more picturesque! It almost doesn’t feel real, more like a movie set!

We docked in at Oaks Bluff, a delightful village with quaint shops and cafes (backdoor donuts is a hidden gem of the locals, but get there early! Otherwise you’ll be queuing for a while!)

After some debating, I managed to convince the family to rent bikes and cycle to the next town, Edgartown, a 12-mile round trip. Living in Norwich, cycling is a familiar way of life, not so much for the rest of them!! After a few stumbling starts however, we were off!

Even for the most novice of cyclists, this is an easy ride, the wide, flat path enables you to relax and enjoy the stunning views as you’re flying by!
With the sun shining down and the wind in my hair, I truly was living out my dream of being in a teen summer movie hahahaha

Edgartown was bigger than Oaks Bluff, but no less charming. We found a lovely little spot for lunch “Among the flowers” and it was LUSH.

I opted for a sandwich, but dad went for a HUGE chipotle steak salad, that I’ll admit, I was a tad jealous of!
Whilst we were there, my dad and brother suddenly got very excited, whispering to each other and sneaking photos of the cafe – I found out later that the major winning golfer Sergio Garcia had been sitting next to us! Obviously with our old travelling backpacks and oceans of sunscreen, we blended in nicely to the clientele….

We had lovely mosey about the local area, of course stopped for a quick ice-cream to fuel up and then headed back to Oaks Bluff. After leaving the bikes back we had a lovely relaxing paddle in the sea before catching the boat back to The Cape.

Our time at The Cape was equally refreshing and exhausting and it MOST DEFINITELY lived up to my expectations!



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