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Thirteen Million Dollar Pop (2011)

by David Levien(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 1
0385532539 (ISBN13: 9780385532532)
Frank Behr
review 1: Bone-crunching thriller from Hollywood scriptwriter David Levien. It's about his regular hero, ex-cop Frank Behr, having to take a job in a high-end security firm. He doesn't like suits, taking orders, BlackBerry phones or being shot at – which is exactly what happens when he minds businessman Bernard Kolodnik. No one in his company or the police seem that anxious to find out why Bernie Cool was a target. So Frank, whose partner is expecting a baby and who needs the job, ignores all the warnings and starts digging anyway.
review 2: I am enjoying Levien and former cop Frank Behr, series semi-hero. The level of violence, especially hand to hand, is really off the charts. It does, however, keep me turning pages. His endings aren't my favorite but they are so
... moreshort and quick, that I can ignore them and imagine my own. I do thank the author for settling that endless debate. If you're going to kill someone with a kitchen knife, Wusthof is best. less
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Though the story was good, the language was hard to take and the descriptions were too grim.
Love character of Frank Behr, damaged but working on healing. Good read.
good plot, description and fast read
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