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Disintegration. David Moody (2012)

by David Moody(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 3
0575091444 (ISBN13: 9780575091443)
review 1: 4.5 StarsFearFear. What is does to us. How we react to it. Who we become because of it. The entire time I read this, that is all I could think about; was the palpable fear that everyone has. Fear of the zombies. Fear of each other. Fear of their own shortcomings. Fear of cowardice. Fear of change. Fear of the future.Everyone was grappling with it, and we are definitely starting to see the evolving situation with the zombies, wear on everyone's nerves. No one is sure how to move on. The are unsatisfied with staying put; but where will you go?? No place is better than another, when the entire world is dead. I love the storytelling from this author, and am ready to hit it with the next book. I wonder what happened to our island inhabitants??
review 2: I was incred
... moreibly surprised by how many 4 and 5 star reviews this as on here. Having just finished it up I'm left feeling that it was a chore to get through and I kind of wish I had just skipped this one and went right on to the 5th book.I know everything is relative, and my feelings for this book are not based on it as a individual work, but as part of a larger series. Maybe if I had read this one first I might have liked it, bust as part of the series it felt like a huge let down. The story started with a new group of survivors, yet again. After four books of this I was pretty tired of a the formula of "new group, most die, meat up with group from last book at end." The fact that this book didn't follow that formula, as much as I was growing to hate it, was it's self a let down. More so than any previous book I just didn't give a fuck about these characters and I felt Moody didn't do a single damn thing to flesh them out or make most of them distinctive. The sole thing that kept me reading it was the assumption they would meet up with the people on the island. Spoiler: they don't. They see the helicopter and plane on evacuation but that's it. This lack of payoff as far as the larger series is concerned left me feeling like it didn't do a damn thing to move the story forward.The end particularly felt hollow. There was pretty steady build up near the end to a big disaster, but instead of a real resolution to it we get an afterward set a long time after it that really only left more questions than answers.My advice is that if your reading this series in order just skip this one unless you REALLY like Moody's writing. less
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i couldn't get in to this book, i am not saying that its bad or good, i just couldn't get in to it!!
brilliant brilliant brilliant. can't stop worrying about the guy left in the hotel.
Fourth one in the series, interesting take on end of the world scenario.
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