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A Plunder Of Souls (2014)

by D.B. Jackson(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
0765338181 (ISBN13: 9780765338181)
Tor Books
Thieftaker Chronicles
review 1: Yet another one of DB Jacksons novels that grows on you with every page.By far this was the best in the series. Conjurers coming together and all, Awesome!This book has death, grave desecration, spirits (shades), evil conjurers and everything that makes a eerily good read.This book is the darkest in the entire series yet! there are numerous deaths (including yellow hair's)My rating: 4.8/5EDIT:OMG OMGOMGOMGI took this up serially after the first and the second one...If the first book blew my mind, and the second had me in a haze for hours, this one literally killed me. Yes I almost died of exhilaration.Just when I thought it couldnt get anymore exciting than the second book (with ships of corpses and what not), this one swept me right off my feet!!Good things: Souls, desecr... moreated tombs, ghosts of conjurers, powerful spell making, conjurers united!!! OMG I loved this book!! Ghosts roaming around, conjurers losing their powers, and what not!!!!Bad things: NONE...The best in the series. My rating (updated) 5/5
review 2: One of the things I love about DragonCon, the annual convention in Atlanta, is discovering wonderful new books and authors with whom I'd not been familiar. In 2012 my "discovery" was D.B. Jackson, who had just published Thieftaker, the first novel in this series. I fell in love with the novel and have eagerly awaited each book in this series. A Plunder of Souls did not disappoint! I've come to love the world Jackson has created, a world based in the historical pre-revolutionary Boston, but with magical elements and characters I've grown to care about - even the delightfully evil villainess, Sephira Pryce. This novel was action-packed and the system of magic used in this world was intriguing as always. Highly recommended, even if you haven't read the first two novels in the series. less
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Great book a nice story in the whole series I can't wait for the next one
Once again another great read. Thank you D.B. and keep them coming.
Is book 4 here yet?!
Love this series.
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