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Thieves' Quarry (2013)

by D.B. Jackson(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 1
0765327627 (ISBN13: 9780765327628)
Tor Books
Thieftaker Chronicles
review 1: It's not often that a sequel measures-up to its predecessor (Thieftaker), but D. B. Jackson has done it with Thieves' Quarry, and - masterfully, at-that. Once-again, he takes us to Boston, 1768, giving conjurer Ethan Kaille another mystery to solve and more perils to avoid. Blending just the right amount of history, fantasy, drama and suspense to keep me turning those pages, and to guarantee my wanting more in his latest installment: A Plunder of Souls. Mr. Jackson has definitely found a new fan, here.
review 2: I read a while back before the first book came out what this series was about and a bit about where it was going. Somehow, either I misread or got bad information, I thought that the events of this book would be tying into the small pox outbreak (which
... moreI've now confirmed via the author's website will actually be central to the third book, A Plunder of Souls) and so throughout half the book I thought it was going in a direction it wasn't. It kinda damaged my enjoyment when I realized I was getting something less epic and more formulaic than I originally expected. But don't get me wrong. The book is well written and enjoyable, and now I really can't wait for book 3 since Jackson says it'll be a step away from the formula of the first two books and be more of a personal journey. less
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Enjoyable fantasy/historical story. If you liked the first one, you will likely like this one too.
Great novel for anyone who loves both fantasy and historical fiction.
An excellent book filled with history and magick.
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