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They Rode Good Horses (2000)

by D.B. Jackson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: "They Rode Good Horses" is an outstanding debut novel written by D.B. Jackson.His meticulously plotted and vividly crafted story kept my interest until the very end.  It takes place in the 1800's.  Brady McCall age 10 and Franklin T. Stilwell age 15 were traveling  with their families as well as with a  long wagon trail of pioneers.  When the group started to cross into "Indian Country" Brady and Franklin scouted ahead to look for traps.  While they were off into the distance, their families and everyone with them were being  brutally attacked and slaughtered by the Indians.    A passing cowboy, Travis Kincaid came across Brady and Franklin, now two frightened orphaned boys, and took them under his wing. D.B. Jackson  paints a vivid picture for the reader as he ... morecaptures the essence of the harsh pioneer life in the 1800's.  Grab some tissues, and expect to tear up and cringe into your seat as the pioneer life becomes your own.  "They Rode Good Horses" is not for the faint hearted. After a few years Brady and Franklin decided to separate, and try to make something of themselves.  Brady headed to Montana to start a trapping business and  Franklin ventured off to California to seek out a new and exciting life. Their paths crossed several times in the book, and it never failed to bring tears into my eyes, whenever they did. I very much enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys exciting historical fiction. I received this book free of charge from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review. 
review 2: I received a copy of They Rode Good Horses in exchange for an honest review.D.B. Jackson tackles a lot of ground in western history with this book. His main characters Brady McCall and Franklin T. Stillwell take part in much of the western landscape. Their adventures are diverse and I wanted to finish the book to see where they ended up. The problem I had was that I could never really get a feel for the characters and sometimes they surprised me with the choices they made. Any one of their adventures could have been a novel in and of itself and it would have been great if the author had slowed down a bit in order to give us more of what makes these cowboys tick. Ultimately, though it was an enjoyable western read that definitely has a lot of story and understanding of the west behind it. less
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I thought this was an enjoyable book to read about good horses, family, and friendship.
Great book, read it twice already.
Loved it!
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