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Thieftaker (2012)

by D.B. Jackson(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
0765327619 (ISBN13: 9780765327611)
Tor Books
Thieftaker Chronicles
review 1: Imagine yourself walking down the streets of colonial Boston knowing that you are the only defense between the entire city, and an evil sorcerer bent on wanton destruction while you try to survive assaults from thieves and random vagabonds. Jackson has reformed the colonial era into an age of witchcraft and mystery where good and evil clash in the streets of beloved American cities to decide the fate of an unborn nation.
review 2: Ethan Kaille is a "thieftaker". This means that he gets stolen property back from the thieves who steal them in pre-revolution America. Ethan has suffered much in life--imprisonment, the loss of love and torture. When a prominent Bostonian merchant asks him to find the brooch and the killers of his beloved daughter, he takes the ca
... morese but winds up facing danger, rivals and someone with a very potent magic who is his nemesis as he comes ever closer to solving the murder. Interesting genre blending and premise. I was surprised at the excellent characterization and historical accuracy. less
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Obviously a labor of love but I was an unfair audience. Characterization is not as good as setting.
A great blend of fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction!
Good story, good characters, well done.
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