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Impulse (2013)

by Debra Webb(Favorite Author)
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1455527610 (ISBN13: 9781455527618)
Faces of Evil
review 1: He can’t control his Impulses.Impulse, book two in Debra Webb’s Faces of Evil series, picks up immediately where Obsession leaves off. Detective Lori Wells has been kidnapped by someone whose methods resemble that of The Player, only much less precise. Previously the hallmark of the Player was that he left no evidence of his crimes. Is the stress of Jess Harris’s scrutiny beginning to wear on him? Or is there something more sinister going on? Webb takes the series to the next level in this gripping book. The focus is the Player, now targeting Jess’s colleagues. His identity is confirmed as billionaire Eric Spears. A conclusion previously only believed by Jess and a few others. Jess, now a member of the Birmingham Police Department, spends much of the book ... moresecond-guessing herself and her previous conclusions. The juxtaposition of her Impulses and the Players make this a fascinating must read. Impulse deftly moves the series forward towards the inevitable showdown between Jess and the Player.
review 2: This second book in the "Faces of Evil" series by Debra Webb is a continuation of the story as its predecessor, OBSESSION, ended. Special Agent Jess Harris is still teamed with Chief of Police Dan Burnett in Birmingham, Alabama. Her job in Richmond is in real jeopardy, and many people from her past converge on Birmingham just as a particularly frightening series of abductions and/or murders occur with Jess as the criminal's focus of attention. Who is close to her? Whose loss would cause her the most fear?Has the criminal who was released in the first book appeared to work his heinous crimes in a new location with a new MO? Is this the work of a copycat? Neither? What's going on with the new crimes follows in story time just a week or so after the missing girls were recovered in the first book.All the police are exhausted; Jess's bosses are convinced she's lost it and they try to force her away from the investigation, but she will not go down without a fight on several fronts.Meanwhile, personal relationships among many of the main and supporting cast are tested, refined, discussed, threatened, and so forth. Jess and Dan finally have a frank discussion of their past, which has needed to happen for more than a decade. Where they will come out in a relationship, if any, is still in the future, however.I found myself wanting to know what was going on in this mystery-suspense second volume. I look forward to reading the other four books that I won in a contest from Debra Webb. The books were free and this review is my own work and contains my opinions as I am reading through the series.There was a bit more gore in this second book, if you are squeamish, and there is some language, but no more than many books on the shelves (probably less than many of this genre?). I am warming to the characters. less
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love this series. can't stop reading once I've picked it up. can't wait to read power.
evil continues to stalk jess through prolific and wealthy serial killer, Eric Spears
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